Online shop buyer agreement

Product policy:

The items sold via this web site are produced by organisations and individuals within Wigan Borough.  Many are charities and community interest companies, and all have a social focus in the work they do. We review each article before it is published to ensure that it is not simply a mass-produced product being re-sold and we will not advertise goods from organisations with a wholly commercial focus.  Some items may be bought in by the organisation and worked on to personalise etc.

We also advertise some services offered by Wigan borough organisations.  We review each advertisement to ensure that the organisation has a social focus and is not wholly commercial.

If you have any concerns about any product or service being advertised on this web site, please email your concerns with a full explanation to:

Payment policy:

You must pay for goods at the point of purchase via PayPal or credit card. Made in Wigan will be responsible for passing payment to the appropriate organisation.

Fulfilment policy:

Made in Wigan will inform the selling organisation of the day an order is received. The expected timeframe for delivery of each item will be quoted on the web site and will be set by each organisation. This can differ by product type. Some products may be completely bespoke and made to order and the delivery timeframe will reflect this.

Each organisation is then responsible for fulfilling the order whether by post or home delivery within the time frame quoted.

Disputes policy:

If you have any concerns following a purchase, please contact made in Wigan in the first instance via email to with a full explanation of your concerns and your own contact details.  Made in Wigan will note your comments and pass these to the seller on the same day. We would expect a response direct to the you (copying in Made in Wigan) within 7 days with the resolution details.

Made in Wigan will track all disputes and ensure that a satisfactory resolution has been reached. This could lead to the refund of payment direct to the buyer by Made in Wigan. If we find that an organisation regularly attracts complaints or is unable or unwilling to resolve disputes in a timely manner, Made in Wigan reserves the right to remove the organisation and all associated products from the site.

Privacy policy:

We will collect the minimum information needed to ensure your order if fulfilled or your query/complaint is responded to.  We will not share your personal information with any other organisation without your express permission. If we need to contact you, we will use the email or phone number provided by you specifically for this purpose.

Buyers will not be provided with any details of the organisation or individual via their transaction with Made in Wigan.  If you wish to enter into communication with a seller directly, for whatever reason, any information you provide to them falls outside of the Made in Wigan privacy policy.